About Us

We believe in the transformative power of play.

Through our work in West London, we have seen hundreds of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, or those that have experienced trauma, become a part of our family through our wide and varied activities, which offer something for everyone.

Established in 2007, we first focused on sports, but since then we’ve added healthy eating initiatives, arts activities, educational group trips, mentorship programmes, and holidays in the UK and abroad.

What binds these programmes is a commitment to creating a safe, open-minded, inclusive and loving environment, where we can play together and happy memories are made.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of programmes and activities- from sports to art to cooking- so that every one of our kids can discover what gives them joy. If you’d like to keep up to date with our work

Read our Impact Report 2018 here…

Art is all about expression, at times when words may fail us. Our volunteers include art teachers, who help kids discover their creativity and play in new ways, release their inner Matisse or Kahlo- or just simply release

Days out are our heart and soul: whether we’re twirling on the skating rink, throwing stones into the sea from Brighton beach, filling our minds at a museum or taking a big leap at the adventure centre

For those of our children who find it hard in groups, our Friends programme offers a caring one-on-one relationship with a volunteer, who can be a stable and positive role model through weekly hangouts

We are happiest when we eat well too, so our Food programs help our kids learn to cook nutritious meals from scratch and show them how much fun that can be! Thanks to our patrons, we’ve even gone behind the scenes at one of London’s top restaurants, The Ivy

We invite music teachers to bring in and play instruments from around the world, developing simple dance routines with the kids that they can perform for their friends and families

Seeing new places is very rewarding, so we organise holidays at least twice a year – outdoor summer adventures on the Isle of Wight and autumn stay on a farm in Pembrokeshire, looking after animals and learning how to grow food.


I just can’t put into words how grateful I actually am, not even a year with you and my girls have had the most amazing experiences that I could only dream of giving them. What you do is very special, the support of Grenfell and the Hashim family is amazing, all in all the most inspiring group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being around, so I know my girls are in the best, safest and kindest hands, and they know it too, they absolutely adore you all. I could never thank you enough, but here is just a little gesture of appreciation to show what you do goes far from unnoticed. WE LOVE YOU ALL.

Mother of 2

I don’t think you understand how much you help these children. You’ve changed my son’s life. You don’t realise how important the work you do is. And you also help me and my daughter too because we get a break from his violent tantrums.


Thank you for what you did for my daughters. I feel very guilty about what they have been through and seeing them happy makes me feel less guilty. They really needed this summer programme to help them forget about their sad memories and just be children.